4 Benefits of A Functional Bug Bounty

4 Benefits of A Functional Bug Bounty

Let’s face it. Digital bugs are inevitable given the numerous technical and business challenges that organizations face today. As a result, many have turned to bug bounties to improve the quality of their digital platforms and mitigate the damage bugs and security flaws can cause. In this article, discover the 4 benefits of a functional bug bounty.

What is a bug bounty?

A bug bounty is program that provides financial compensation to users who find security flaws or vulnerabilities in an organization’s app, website, or other digital platform.

Since the launch of the first bug bounty back in 1995 by Netscape, organizations have replicated these programs to uncover security weaknesses and improve the quality of their digital platforms.

The Functional Bug Bounty

Although security bugs can result in significant damage, functional bugs also pose threats to brands and their bottomline. As more brands and organizations are implementing digital transformation plans, it is extremely important to remain vigilant against the threat functional bugs or anomalies pose.

As a result, StarDust Testing offers a Functional Bug Bounty that is dedicated to helping brands across all industries improve their digital services. The aim of the bug bounty is to find bugs that negatively affect functions and the overall performance of websites, mobile apps, SaaS, etc.

Eliminating these bugs early helps to limit the damage that can result from functional bugs such as lower conversion rates, decline in traffic, higher acquisition costs, higher rate abandonment rates, and a decline in your brand image due to a disappointing user experience (UX).

How Does the Functional Bug Bounty Work?

To begin, the Functional Bug Bounty program provides daily exploratory testing of a digital platform for one hour using one configuration. Depending on the client's needs, these 1-hour tests can be carried out by 1 to 3 testers.

The program also allows clients to schedule the exploratory tests 5 days a week (Monday - Friday) or 7 days a week.

Depending on the needs of the test, the bug bounty can be executed in our QA labs located in Europe and North America, or via our community of QA testers, We Are Testers.

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4 Benefits of a Functional Bug Bounty Program 

Continual Testing

Overall, the benefits of the Functional Bug Bounty are rooted in the continual testing of digital platforms. And thanks to continual testing, brands can improve the quality of their digital platforms by eliminating high-frequency functional bugs before they can do significant damage.

Test Flexibility

The bug bounty also provides the flexibility that many brands need to meet their testing needs while also keeping various digital projects on schedule a without exhausting resources.

The Right Resources

With the ability to launch the bug bounty via our internal testing labs or our community of crowdtesters, We Are Testers, QA test campaigns can executed by testers with the right the skills, experience, and configurations to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.

Detailed Bug Reporting

The bug bounty also allows brands and their project managers to follow the daily test campaigns in real-time thanks to our bug tracking tool, BugTrapp, which is used to document the results of the test. At the end of each week, a dedicated StarDust project manager will prepare a test report to help brands understand the results of the campaign as well as prioritize bug fixes.

In review, the Functional Bug Bounty provides a number of benefits that can help brands improve the quality of their digital services on a continuous basis. As a result, we invite you to discover a client testimonial featuring transportation giant, Thalys, following their experience with our Functional Bug Bounty program.

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