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5 Advantages of A QA Specialist

5 Advantages of A QA Specialist

Part I : Efficiency  

In a fast-paced world, the speed at which one can create and launch digital services  is essential for commercial success. Nonetheless, the quality of digital services is just as important since brands can lose significant market share as a result of subpar quality or a poor user experience.

So when it comes to the development and maintenance of digital services, there are a number of reasons why brands partner with a Quality Assurance (QA) specialist to plan and/or execute their test campaigns. One of these reasons is the efficiency at which QA specialists operate. 


When developing or updating digital services in house, brands must multi-task to complete every aspect of the project. While this is possible to do, it is a more complicated feat especially when aiming to incorporate certain tests like automated testing, user experience (UX) testing, multilingual testing, etc. This difficulty can cause production and testing delays that ultimately slow down the entire project.

Solely focusing on testing, a QA specialist has the expertise needed to execute a test more efficiently regardless of the service or testing needs. It is also important to note that specializing in QA testing also provides the knowledge and experience necessary to plan the right campaign, which will depend on the service being tested, the objective of the test, subject of the test, and more. The years of testing experience makes it easier for a QA specialist to approach a new project, determine the right plan, and execute the campaign. 

The resources and experiences of a QA specialist are diverse.Like dinner on Thanksgiving, a QA specialist has all of the resources and experiences needed to plan and execute the best test possible.  

Team Work

Having a dedicated testing team of project managers, test analysts, and testers cannot be overlooked since it allows a test to be designed and completed more efficiently as well as effectively.

  • Project Manager: Oversees and guides each campaign.
  • Test Analyst: Produces the test script, if needed, to meet the requirements of the test and verifies the test results.
  • Tester: Executes the test and documents the results.

Given all of these advantages, a QA specialist is able to provide developers with a thorough bug report in a shorter amount of time, which can go a long way towards expediting bug fixes. Any time saved can help keep projects on schedule while maximizing quality.

As a QA specialist, StarDust has partnered with many brands, including those with internal testing teams, to plan and execute a diverse assortment of campaigns including manual and automated tests for apps, chatbots, websites, IoT's, and software. 

StarDust also has the resources to meet any test campaign’s needs thanks to a testing library containing over 3,000 real configurations, certified testing professionals in two testing labs in Europe and North America, and a global community of professional testers across 60 different countries.

Learn more about StarDust’s testing services or explore some additional publications to discover solutions to a variety of testing challenges. 

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