[White paper] Why & How to Test

[White paper] Why & How to Test

How & why to test in the era of digital transformation


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Following a disappointing user experience, 60% of visitors will leave a website or an app. This represents just as many lost business opportunities.

Focusing on quality thus has to be a crucial process for companies that are looking to roll out or update mobile applications and websites in order to reduce business risks. This is all the more true as businesses evolve in a context of growing digitalization.

In addition to that, the digital sector is moving very quickly, and it is quite natural that the millions of devices that exist, should have different characteristics: format, resolution, OS (Windows, Android, iOS, MacOS, Linux), OS version, memory... The fragmentation is so huge that it carries portability risks, meaning the ability of a digital product (website, app, IoT) to adapt to its utilization environment.

Testing is therefore a preventative measure which helps ensure that the digital product corresponds to the expectations of its users and that it functions in a way which is tending towards 0 bug.

By cataloguing the anomalies encountered on each device, testers enable development teams to make the necessary adjustments and thereby finally assure that every user has a satisfying experience.


In their « Testing white paper », StarDust gives you the opportunity to better understand the origins and the types of bugs that exist and the unwarranted undervalue of testing. This white paper also allows you to discover the different types of tests that can correspond to your needs and to understand the reasons to externalise QA.


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