BugTrapp: To Run Effective Testing Campaigns

BugTrapp: To Run Effective Testing Campaigns

BugTrapp is a software (SaaS) that we use at StarDust to manage our testing campaigns. It allows us to run our testing, as well as share all the information with our customers that they need to fix the bugs.

History of BugTrapp

StarDust runs several hundreds of test campaigns per year, so we come across a very diverse range of projects. A few years ago, it became clear to us that we needed dedicated software to effectively manage our projects. However, there was nothing on the market that perfectly met our needs. There wasn't a software that included project management, device inventory and availability, and well-organized bug documentation at the same time. Since this solution did not exist, we decided to create it ourselves ;)... and BugTrapp was born. This robust software has now been serving our customers for 2 years.


BugTrapp Today

We have had the ongoing goal to constantly be improving BugTrapp, and that is why we have a full-time team of 5 developers devoted to continuously maintaining and developing features on the software. They are always available for any comments or suggestions to be able to improve BugTrapp and to meet the needs of our clients.


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BugTrapp Features

Test Case Management

Test case management is the detailed system in which project managers can input the testing specifications, testing conditions, procedures, and the expected results. This verifies that projects are well organized and that nothing will be skipped during the campaign.


The Bug Tracker

The bug tracker is used after the project is launched. It allows testers to easily and effectively submit bugs. In this way, it is sure that bugs will be reported, tracked, and documented properly. It also provides a notification system in which all the parties involved will be notified with updated information.


The Dashboard

The dashboard offers a ergonomic overview presentation of each project so that you can quickly see the KPIs such as progress of the project, the number and gravity of bugs identified, the results, summary of fragmentation per device, and the type of bugs identified.


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