The test automation market is booming and contributing to the growth of the software testing industry. This growth is largely being driven by the adoption of the agile methodology as well as the growing need for project management teams to deliver an excellent user experience.

In this white paper, you will discover the following: 

  • An explanation of what Test Automation is

  • The difficulties and challenges of Test Automation

  • The advantages and benefits of Test Automation

  • The right conditions for Test Automation

  • How to carry out an Automated Test

  • Practical advice and 5 tips from two of our Automation experts

20 pragmatic pages to help you better understand how test automation can be integrated into your QA process.



"When digital products are created or updated, it's crucial to perform several types of tests to ensure that they are functioning as expected. These tests are also key in making sure the user experience is flawless to prevent your users from leaving after the first use."

François-Joseph Viallon, StarDust CTG


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