How to Test a Mobile App across 8 countries in 48 hours?

How to Test a Mobile App across 8 countries in 48 hours?


Having an ecommerce platform either as a mobile application or website is a must for today's retailers. More importantly perhaps is the need for retailers to execute quality assurance campaigns to ensure their apps and websites provide the best user experience possible. As a result, StarDust Testing partners with a variety of retailers to plan and execute test campaigns to ensure the quality and performance of their ecommerce apps and sites. 

Below, Olivier Chuffart, an e-commerce project manager at La Redoute, shares his experience collaborating with StarDust to execute a UAT campaign for a mobile application.

Can you tell us a little about La Redoute?

La Redoute is a French retailer that was founded in 1928. Since then, La Redoute has grown internationally and is currently present in 10 countries. Recently, we have completed our digital transformation plan, which included redesigning our mobile application. 

The redesign of our mobile application, which is unique in 8 countries (France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Belgium, Switzerland, Russia), aims to provide our customers with the shopping platform needed to enhance the customer experience.

Two of the major features integrated into the app include a gender and interest-specific home page and more efficient search features that enable customers to find products quickly.

In terms of testing the application, what were your needs?

We needed to test our new application simultaneously across 8 different countries. As a result, our usability testing partner introduced us to StarDust due to their expertise in bug detection and international testing resources.

What StarDust brought to the table was their community of crowd testers, We Are Testers, which included more than 2,000 individuals across 60 countries. The crowd testers were very reactive, and allowed us to test our application locally in eight different markets.

To learn more about crowdtesting : Download our white paper.

Testing in real-world conditions in our actual markets was vital for validating our new app. For example, in Russia, network quality fluctuates and smartphones are, on average, older than those used in western Europe. Testing in real conditions revealed bugs that could only have been found using native testers in Russia.

How did StarDust meet your testing needs?

We actually collaborated with StarDust twice. The first collaboration focused on testing the app's home page, tree structure, wishlist and customer account. The second collaboration focused on testing the checkout tunnel or process.

A week after our initial meeting, the test was deployed. I was impressed by StarDust's process, which was designed to optimize each step of the test.

For example, the test script was developed by members of their Canadian QA team, which reduced the implementation phase by 6 hours between the brief and the deployment of the test via their community of crowd testers.

StarDust piloted the whole test and sent us the results of the test within 48 hours. The test report included the different bugs uncovered as well as a corresponding explanation for each bug, which made it easier for our developers to reproduce the bugs and make the appropriate fixes.

What were the results of the test?

In 48 hours, StarDust managed to execute our test campaign in 8 different countries across a total of 18 devices. The test revealed 74 bugs, 11 of which considered to be blockers.

What are the next steps in working with StarDust?

Our current mission is to make the app’s checkout process 100% native. The shopping cart page is already native on the application, but work still needs to be done for payment, delivery and order confirmation pages.

While these web-view pages work, this change would greatly improve the customer experience. This would allow the user to find all the features possible in the application environment, such as the swipe to display options on iOS.

Why would you recommend StarDust?

I can recommend StarDust as a quality assurance partner due to the impressive reactivity and efficiency of their QA team. StarDust’s resources in terms of their testing labs as well as their community of testers allows them to execute rigorous tests case and deliver results with great speed and professionalism.


To learn more about our test campaign with La Redoute, do not hesitate to download the case study below. 

La Redoute Case Study



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