How to Write a Test Script

How to Write a Test Script

Two main approaches are taken to test a digital product or service.

Test Cases are a less detailed type of testing documentation in which the general testing objectives are listed out to be tested, such as “Log out of the user account.” Testers then test this action according to detailed test steps. 

Test Scripts are a line-by-line description of all the actions that are necessary to perform and test on specific user journeys. It lists out each step that should be taken with the expected results. Then testers can easily as systematically test each step on a wide range of devices. Testing according to a prescribed test steps is known as scenario testing.

Here is an example of a test script organization process:


In which cases should the test script approach be used?

The test script approach has specific advantages. It leaves a lot less room for error during the testing process. Sometimes, when testers are left up to freely browse through the product, they can miss certain features or assume that a function has the expected result when it, in fact, does not. Using test scripts is the most reliable approach to verify that nothing is skipped over and that the results are truly as the publisher wants them.

The test script approach is particularly useful if the sequence of the user performance is important and specific. For example, if the user is not supposed to have very much freedom and are supposed to take a very specific user journey, such as creating an account or ordering a specific product.

For a test script to be optimal, it should be:


If the test script is not clear, testers will have to constantly ask the project manager the details about the instructions, which wastes time and interrupts productivity. Verifying that each step in the test script is clear, concise, and coherent will keep the testing process rolling at its proper pace.


Each step in the test script should contain just one specific action for testers to take. This ensures that each function is tested correctly and that testers don’t accidentally pass by anything on the user path.


To write the test script, script writers should put themselves in the place of the user to decide which user paths to test. They should be creative to be able to predict all of the different paths that users would take.

Properly creating test scripts saves time during the testing process and ensures a higher quality product. Script writing and testing requires experience to be able to know where bugs hide out, to be familiar with user paths, and to list out each step with clarity.

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