Improving Mobile App KPI'S With Crowdtesting

Improving Mobile App KPI'S With Crowdtesting

Crowdtesting is an innovative quality assurance (QA) solution that can help brands improve the quality of their digital services. With crowdtesting, QA campaigns are executed by a community of professional, freelance testers located all over the world.

Advantages of Crowdtesting

Crowdtesting provides numerous benefits that can bring additional value to exploratory and scenario-based test campaigns as well as ensure projects stay on schedule. Due to its flexibility, it is a great option for brands that have diverse testing needs for their websites, software, apps, chatbots, and more.

However, can crowdtesting enhance the quality of an app or website and improve Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)? The answer is yes! Using a real client case study below, we explain how.

Improving App Quality through QA Testing

After experiencing both abnormally low engagement rates and prospect transformation rates for their mobile app, a confidential client in the banking sector called on us to test their application in order to uncover the source of their problems. Given the needs, we opted to use our community of crowdtesters, We Are Tester.

The campaign focused on testing the application for any functional bugs that could contribute to lower engagement rates and prospect transformation rates. This included finding any functional bugs or design flaws that could hinder conversions rates, load times, engagement rates, and other KPIs. Given the needs of the test campaign, our community of testers were the perfect fit.

The Test Campaign Results

The test campaign uncovered a total of 34 bugs, the majority of which were functional in nature. After correcting the bugs, the client's KPIs improved in the following ways:

  • Number of Downloads: Increased by 130%
  • Conversion Rates (Smartphone and Tablet): Increased by 50%
  • Mobile (Smartphones only) Conversion Rate : Increased by 100%
  • Number of Active Users: Increased by 260%
  • Traffic : Increased by 10%
  • Number of New clients : Increased by 10%

Thanks to the ability of the crowd to execute both functional and UX testing, the client was made aware of various bugs that significantly hampered the performance of their app. Once these issues were fixed, the client immediately began to reap the rewards of the campaign.

To learn more about crowdtesting, we encourage you to contact us directly or download our crowdtesting guide below.

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