Mobile Application Testing: Why Kiute Partners with StarDust

Mobile Application Testing: Why Kiute Partners with StarDust

Great mobile apps do not just happen by chance, rather they are the result of a company's due diligence to properly understand their customers needs and produce a product that meets those needs at every step.

For Kiute, having a great user experience means providing a digital product that is bug-free and works perfectly. To achieve this mission, Kuite partnered with StarDust to execute several functional iOS and Android mobile app test campaigns.

Below, Nael Hamameh, Co-Founder & VP of Product & Technology at Kiute, sat down with us to provide some details surrounding Kiute's partnership with StarDust.

Client Testimonial: Kiute

Can you introduce Kiute in a few words?

Kiute is the merger of LeCiseau, an online hairdressing reservation platform, and Flexy, a software application that helps professionals in the beauty and wellness industry to manage and develop their business.

Together, we want to create an online reservation platform for beauty and hair salons, and become the "Doctolib" or "ZocDoc" of the beauty and wellness industry.

When it comes to Kiute's digital strategy, what are your goals?

In terms of our digital strategy, our goal is to continue to develop our mobile application and website to not only drive additional traffic but also increase our number of users, our usage rate, and our conversion rates.

Overall, I can say that we are driven to offer the best product on the market; a product that is bug-free (if possible), offers a great user experience, and functions perfectly.

During the latest evolution of your mobile app, what testing needs or challenges did you face?

We are continuously working to upgrade our mobile app to offer new functionalities and a top-notch digital experience for our users.

All of these evolutions require a lot of testing across a number of different devices and configurations in order to be able to detect any anomalies or bugs in order to improve the application as a whole and maximize key KPIs.

As a result, we turned to StarDust to test our B2C mobile apps.

How did StarDust meet to your testing needs?

With StarDust, we were able to quickly implement several test campaigns for our application. Our latest campaign was set up in only one week, for example.

Moreover, StarDust was able to test the app across different terminals, smartphones and tablets, and different configurations or operating systems.

Overall, both of these aspects, the coverage of the test and the speed, were quite valuable to us.

What did you appreciate the most about StarDust?

What I appreciated the most about StarDust was the speed of the test campaign from start to finish, along with the large test coverage and quality of the bug report.

We received over 100 bug tickets that were well documented and classified. The bug tickets were even labeled according to their severity highlighting which issues could be considered as minor, major, blocking, etc.

In addition, the bug report was documented in a way that was clean and easy to understand. Each bug ticket was accompanied by a video or screenshot that, in the end, made it easier for our developers to reproduce each bug in order to begin fixing them.

Why would you recommend StarDust?

There are three reasons why I recommend StarDust. First, StarDust was able to implement our testing campaign in one week providing us with valuable results very quickly.

Second, StarDust was able to test our app across a plethora of devices and configurations to uncover bugs associated with specific configurations. 

Last but not least, the well documented and detailed bug tickets went a long way in helping us reproduce bugs and continue advancing our application.

What are your next challenges?

We are merging our companies so we would like to create a unified application and launch our reservation service within the beauty and wellness industry (epilation, foot and hand beauty, massage, facial care etc...). 

Today, our B2B users have to use different applications; one to manage their presence on the reservation platform and another app to manage their sales and salon schedule.

Our long term goal is to have a single application, Kiute Pro, that will allow professionals to take advantage of an “all-in-one” application.

A word from Benjamin Papelard, project manager at StarDust:

"Whenever it is necessary to run a functional test on a mobile application in a real context or to simply test functionalities that require geolocation data, crowdtesting is an excellent solution.
In Kiute's case, testing the application in different cities in France to validate important functionalities that rely on the user’s geolocation data to communicate important information or send notifications to both the customer and the partner hairdresser was facilitated by our community of freelance, professional testers, We Are Testers.
In the end, our community of testers were able to carry out the test from an end-user’s perspective and provide Kiute with the detailed results they needed.

On behalf of the StarDust team, we wish Kiute the best of luck in this new chapter of their business. No doubt that you will continue to hear more about this great team driven by dynamic ambition.

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