Case Study: Testing a Customer Onboarding Journey in the Banking Sector

Case Study: Testing a Customer Onboarding Journey in the Banking Sector

BNP Paribas is a leading bank in the euro zone serving millions of people and businesses across a number of financial markets in more than 70 countries. Committed to providing first-class services and solutions, BNP strives to meet the diverse needs and interests of all of its customers.

Driven by this goal, BNP aims to develop and improve the quality of its digital banking platforms through greater personalization and an enhanced user experience.

Below, Isabelle Boulanger, Online Acquisition Manager at BNP Paribas Retail Banking, shares her experience working with StarDust to execute a comprehensive UAT campaign in order to validate updates made to the bank’s website, most notably the customer onboarding journey when creating an account.

During this project, what needs did you face?

Because of the nature of this project, we had a number of needs. First, we needed a QA partner that could provide an external or independent assessment of our site’s new customer journey.

The main goal of our project was to improve the customer journey when opening a new account. We aimed to do this by creating a customer journey that was more personalized for each customer. As a result, we needed a partner that had the know-how necessary to design and execute the proper test campaign that would account for specificities of multiple customer journeys.

Second, I’d add that we needed help in terms of testing the front-end of the customer journey. We actually have the means to test the back-end of our the onboarding journey, but we struggle to test the front-end due to a lack of resources in this area.

It was also vital for us to have a 360 degree view or assessment of the customer journey to guarantee a quality user experience from end-to-end across all devices and browsers.

This made it essential to work with a QA specialist that had the right testing resources in terms of a vast collection of mobiles and desktops across a variety of configurations (model/OS/browsers/etc). Using the right configurations and devices was key, in our eyes, to providing a digital experience that kept people on the customer journey and resulted in newly acquired customers.

Last but not least, it was important for us to choose a QA partner that could accompany us from start to finish and provide assistance and support when needed.

While working together, what did you value the most about StarDust?

Having a dedicated project manager that was readily available to support our needs was one of the aspects that I really appreciated. StarDust’s project manager was always there answering whatever questions we had. The same can be said about their QA team whose availability definitely contributed to the success of the project.

I also valued StarDust’s flexibility throughout the entire test campaign. Even though we had a roadmap for this project, unexpected challenges can make it difficult to complete any digital project as planned. StarDust to their credit remained flexible working with us to overcome unexpected issues that arose.

How did StarDust meet your need?

Overall, StarDust met our needs by designing and executing the kind of test campaign that was needed; one that validated our website’s updated customer journey from end-to-end across all the right devices and configurations.

Why do you recommend StarDust?

The quality of their service is one of the main reason why I can recommend StarDust. The test that StarDust executed met all of our needs. A detailed and clear bug report provided us with the information needed to easily understand all of the anomalies that StarDust uncovered.

The availability of their QA team and project manager also makes it easy to recommend StarDust. Getting personalized responses in a short amount of time was very helpful and absolutely contributed to the success of the test campaign.

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