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5 Key Reasons to Partner with StarDust CTG for User Acceptance Tests

5 Key Reasons to Partner with StarDust CTG for User Acceptance Tests

Let’s be honest, offering a great customer experience is not a new challenge. However, as the customer journey becomes more digital, offering a great customer experience is becoming more challenging requiring brands to create innovative and easy-to-use websites, mobile apps, and other digital products or services.

As brands race to develop great websites, apps, and more, it is vital to note the importance of user acceptance testing (UAT). User acceptance testing plays a key role in allowing brands to uncover bugs or anomalies that can hinder the quality of mobile apps, websites, and other digital assets. 

As a leader in Quality Assurance (QA) testing, StarDust CTG accompanies its clients during their QA phases to improve their user acceptance tests.  

Discover the top 5 reasons to externalize user acceptance testing with StarDust. 

1. Achieve Better Test Results

Specializing in software testing, StarDust CTG regularly partners its clients to enhance the QA phases of their digital projects and deliver superior testing results. To do this, each test campaign is managed by a dedicated QA team comprised of a project manager, QA analyst(s), and professional testers. 

Together, our QA team works with each client to identify their needs and priorities, and implement a testing strategy and a plan to meet them. 

Furthermore, as an impartial body, our QA team is in a unique position to uncover bugs or anomalies that are often missed by developers or project team members due to their first-hand knowledge of the product or service being tested. 

Using real devices also allows our QA team to test every aspect of an app or website, for example, from the end user’s perspective, and deliver test results that allow our clients to improve the quality of their digital platforms. 

2. Save Time 

In competitive markets, launching new updates or products on time is a major lever for success. 

However, releasing a new update or product on time can be challenging. Fast-approaching deadlines rarely provide adequate time to execute user acceptance tests within agile projects. At the same, acceptance tests can put on hold when internal QA teams are inundated with testing requests. In situations like these, brands must decide between delaying the release or skipping the critical testing phases. 

With 10+ years of software testing experience, StarDust’s ability to rapidly plan and execute user acceptance tests allows our clients to save time during their QA phases. 

Thanks to two dedicated QA teams as well as a global crowdtesting platform, We Are Testers,  StarDust possesses the resources to quickly plan and executes UAT campaigns providing clients with the results they need.  

Using our internal bug tracking tool, BugTrapp, bug fixes are also streamlined by allowing clients to follow the test results in real-time. As our testers document the precise steps to reproduce each bug along with a video or screenshot of the bug, development teams can begin working on fixing these vulnerabilities more efficiently. 

3. Gain Peace of Mind / Focus on More Important Tasks

Given the importance of establishing a top-tier user experience, it should come as no surprise that testing apps, websites, and other digital products or services before they are launched or updated is crucial for success. 

Nonetheless, this reality does not mitigate the challenges that user acceptance tests can present especially since many companies do not have a dedicated QA team.  

StarDust has the resources, experience, and skills required to correctly plan and execute even the most challenging user acceptance tests, which provides our clients with peace of mind that their digital products or services are being properly tested. 

In addition to peace of mind, StarDust’s clients can use their valuable time to take on other important tasks to further advance the project. Having the extra time to focus on more important tasks can further improve the productivity of the project team. 

4. Increase Test Coverage

More so than ever before, the customer journey is unfolding across multiple channels as customers interact with brands at their brick-and-mortar locations as well as online. It is for this reason that offering an omnichannel customer experience is so important. 

With a library of real testing devices, StarDust can provide an expanded test coverage to assess an omnichannel customer journey using smartphones, tablets, desktops. With expanded coverage to account for various versions of operating systems, screen sizes, and browsers, StarDust can locate a maximum number of bugs including those tied to specific configurations. 

Furthermore, increasing the test coverage assures that digital products and services function as expected across the configurations used by the end-users. 

Testing with real devices also makes it possible to provide the most accurate assessment of a product’s user experience, making it easier to uncover any UX-related bugs or issues that can negatively affect conversion rates, customer acquisition costs, bounce rates, and other key performance indicators.

5. Maximize Project ROI

Software updates are a common occurrence allowing development teams to improve the quality of a digital product or service by fixing bugs or anomalies, adding new functionalities, or refining existing ones. To maximize the ROI of these efforts, achieving a high level of quality is crucial. 

When brands fail to properly implement user acceptance tests on a newly updated digital product or service, they run the risk of releasing a digital product or service that does not function properly, fails to meet the market’s expectations, taints the brand’s image, and ultimately reduces ROI. 

Through our user acceptance testing campaigns, StarDust plays a key role in preventing this from happening by providing valuable assessments that ultimately allow the project leader to make a Go/No-Go decision based on the actual quality of the digital product or service. 

More importantly, data from the test allows the project team to improve the quality of digital products or services and maximize their ROI.  

To learn more about our testing services, we invite you to check out our infographic below detailing how StarDust collaborated with Havaianas to execute a user acceptance test on their newly designed website. 

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