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5 Advantages of a QA Specialist (Part 2)

5 Advantages of a QA Specialist (Part 2)

In this series, we will explore five advantages that both large and small companies benefit from when partnering with a Quality Assurance specialist to plan and execute their test campaigns. In Part I, we focused on test efficiency. Here in Part 2, we will discuss the importance of having the right testing resources.

Part 2: Resources 

Without the right resources, it is nearly impossible to execute a thorough test campaign. In fact, testing an app, website, IoT, for example, on multiple devices or configurations is a great way to cover a number of risks and optimize the campaign.

Unfortunately, many brands lack adequate testing devices leading them to partner with a QA specialist with the right resources and know-how.

Smartphone Fragmentation

Due to fragmentation, or the diversity of the smartphone market, for example,  it is not uncommon for an app or website, for example, to be plagued by bugs that are specific to certain versions of a particular operating system, smartphone or tablet models, screen dimensions, and much more. 

Fragmentation can lead to a number of bugs across apps and websites.

An example of the fragmentation of the Android smartphone market in 2015. Each tile represents a different brand and model, while the size of the tile corresponds to its share of the market. In 2018, the market is even more fragmented with introduction of new brands and models.

To account for the risks associated with fragmentation, it is recommended to test on at least 25 different configurations. If not, a test campaign can fail to uncover significant bugs that will affect a number of users. 

White Paper: The iPhone X and its Impacts on Mobile Apps

Impact of the iPhone X on apps


Optimal Conditions

Additionally, having access to large number of testing configurations makes it possible to test a digital service using the configurations that match one’s user base. This is beneficial in finding bugs that have the greatest potential to lower conversion rates, raise attrition rates, and taint brand image for the majority of one’s users.

The ability to test across the most relevant configurations is equally important for user experience (UX) testing. Like functional bugs, a poor user experience can result in significant problems by convincing many users to abandon an app or website for good. Just ask Snapchat.

Internet of Things

A large testing library is extremely important when testing an IoT. In fact, it is recommended to test an IoT using dozens of configurations to best assess its ability to connect to and communicate with smartphones and other IoT’s using a wifi, cellular network, and/or bluetooth connection. It is also key to test an IoT’s ability to connect and communicate with its related app or website and vice versa.

IoT Testing Advice 

Without a significant number of testing devices, brands run the risk of launching an IoT that is destined to fail due to a large number of bugs that will undermine performance, functionalities, and overall experience for the users.

The complexity of performing a QA test for an IoT.

IoT testing is more than just testing one device, but rather testing a device and its interactions with other phones, software, IoT's, and more.

As a QA specialist, StarDust has partnered with many brands, including those with internal testing teams, to plan and execute various tests campaigns. With more than 3,000 real testing configurations and two QA labs in Europe and North America, StarDust also has resources to meet any test campaign’s needs.

Learn more about StarDust’s testing services or check out additional publications to discover solutions to a number of testing challenges.

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