5 Advantages of a QA Specialist (Part 3)

5 Advantages of a QA Specialist (Part 3)

In this series, we will explore five advantages that both large and small companies benefit from when partnering with a Quality Assurance specialist to plan and execute their test campaigns. While part 1 and part 2 focused on Speed and Testing Resources, part 3  will explore the importance of having the right testing expertise

Every test campaign, whether it is a user-acceptance test (UAT), user experience (UX) test, load test, operational test, etc., presents its own challenges. For many brands, the lack of the right skill set or experience is a major reason to use a Quality Assurance (QA) specialist to overcome a variety of complex software testing challenges or gain specific skills that hard to come by.

QA Testing Challenges

Designing The Right Test

Behind every great test campaign is a great test plan, which requires important insight into both the digital service and best QA practices.

When brands lack the necessary insight, test campaigns can be poorly designed employing less effective methods and strategies. This can prevent important aspects like the purchasing tunnel or checkout process, for example, from being properly evaluated for anomalies that can lead to higher cart abandonment rates.


Reasons why customers abandon their online shopping carts


Coming up with the right test plans are even more important when it comes to testing the Internet of Things (IoT), chatbots, AI applications, and other new forms of technology that do not necessarily have established “how-to-guides” to direct the test.

Performing Accessibility Testing

Accessibility testing is another challenge that many brands can face. Soliciting a testing specialist can help ensure that an e-commerce site, for example, is accessible to people to with limited mobility and vision, which can lead to improved SEO rankings, increase average order rankings, acquisition costs, and other KPIs.

15% of people are living with a disability.  

Executing Multilingual Testing

For brands with international customers, the need to develop and maintain the quality of their multilingual apps and websites is extremely important.

With a crowdtesting platform like We Are Testers, brands can test their apps and websites across a variety of languages to uncover mistranslations or functional bugs that can confuse users and negatively impact conversion rates and other KPIs.

Implementing Test Automation in Agile

According to the World Quality Report, one of the main reasons why brands struggle to fully implement the agile model is tied to their inability to achieve greater levels of test automation.

Main test automation challenges that companies face


Here, problems related to establishing the right test environment and lack of automation skills or or experience hold back the entire operation and often result in less testing. By partnering with a QA specialist, it is possible to automate the right aspects of a website or app to increase the test coverage while also testing more efficiently.


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