Top 5 QA Articles From 2019

Top 5 QA Articles From 2019

The end of the year is the perfect time to reflect upon your experiences this past year and use what you have learned to make the most of the new year. To help, we compiled a list of our top 5 QA resources from 2019 covering a range testing topics.

Discover the list to see which of our quality assurance testing resources made the biggest splash in 2019.

Top 5 QA Resources of 2019

QA and Agile Methods, are they a good match?

Although this is the only white paper to make the list, it made quite the impact in 2019. With the rise of the agile method, more pressure is being placed on development teams to build and release new products or updates faster than ever before. Nonetheless, the agile method can pose a series of QA testing challenges. Check out this white paper to uncover valuable advice on how to improve your QA testing approach within the agile method.

The Current State of Progressive Web Apps

Progressive web apps may very well be the digital service of the future. However, what is the current status of PWAs? Read this article and discover the current state of progressive web apps. Also, feel free to check out our infographic on PWAs.

The World is Digital: 5 Challenges the Banking and Insurance Industry Must Overcome

The world is digital, and as a result, more industries are investing in mobile apps and websites to better connect with and serve their customers. Banking is such an industry. Read this article to not only discover the technological trends shaping the banking industry but also solutions to digital challenges faced today.

3 Ways to Improve UAT for E-commerce Sites

Let’s face it...Testing e-commerce websites for bugs and anomalies is quite challenging. As QA experts, we compiled a list of three action stores and brands can take to improve their user acceptance testing phase to improve the overall quality of their e-commerce websites.

The Trends and Challenges of the Digital Transformation within Healthcare

Like the banking industry, the healthcare industry is also being shaped by digital transformation plans as health organizations, doctors, and other medical professionals aim to leverage new technology to make healthcare more accessible, affordable, and effective. In this article, discover the technology trends as well as solutions to challenges faced by the industry today.

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